A Record Nobody Wants Broken

Dorchester Paws admits over 30 animals in one day

Summerville, SC – In one day, Dorchester Paws has taken in a record amount of animals. This is a record nobody wants broken. Following 16 animals admitted on Monday, May 14 and 11 last Friday, May 11, Dorchester Paws needs help.

One animal was found tied to the mailbox at the shelter when staff came in to work. He chewed through the leash and was running free until shelter staff and volunteers were able to catch him and bring him to safety.

A stray chihuahua was brought to Dorchester Paws in obvious distress. After being taken over to Central Veterinary Hospital, X-rays showed the dog to have a broken pelvis. As this pet was found stray, he is hoping to be reunited with his family. If anybody is looking for a lost chi chi, please come to Dorchester Paws as the shelter is desperately over capacity.

At 3:00 p.m. a call came to the Director of Shelter Operations informing Dorchester Paws that the shelter would be receiving 16 dogs in the next 30 minutes. Two mama dogs and seven puppies each. One litter is only 2-3 days old.

At 3:40 p.m., a second call came in indicating another six to eight animals coming in.

In total, the admissions for one day is over 30 animals. The already full dog kennels at Dorchester Paws are now over capacity. Dorchester Paws is calling for help. The majority of adoptable animals are dogs over 40 pounds. Therefore, the shelter is launching a “Go Big or They Don’t Go Home” adoption special where any dog over 40 pounds is only $40.

The first day of care averages $107. For the 30 animals brought in today, that equals $3,210. Donations to help provide funding for the care of the animals at Dorchester Paws can be made online at dorchesterpaws.org.