Bow-Wow Meow Adoption Luau special!

We had 344 strays brought in, 13 owner surrenders, and 14 returned adoptions just this month! Every run here at Dorchester Paws is occupied and we currently have three pop-up kennels in use. We need your help spreading the word about our adoption special. All animals, over 6 months old, are only $30. All kittens are 1/2 off and any adoptable animal is eligible for our Foster-to-Adopt program. This means you will have a 2 week trial period, at no cost, to see if you have found a member for your ohana!

Please help us spread the word!

Two cats found purposely abandoned in Dorchester Paws’ donation shed.

Tuesday morning, at approximately 9:30am, two cats were found abandoned in Dorchester Paws’ donation shed. The shed was designed to make donating items outside of shelter operation hours easier. Despite multiple signs stating that it is cruel and illegal to leave animals outside the shelter, this is not the first time Dorchester Paws has encountered this problem. The cats were discovered by an unnamed volunteer, who was dropping off empty aluminum cans for Dorchester Paws’ recycling program. The volunteer immediately notified Ebony Slater, an Animal Care Technician, stating, “When I opened up the shed, to drop of the cans, I saw two crates and heard meowing.”

The cats were immediately retrieved and brought into the clinic where they were examined for signs of dehydration. It is unknown how long the animals remained in the shed for. Dorchester Paws, whose shelter is nearing max capacity, was just glad that the cats were discovered before the heat of the day kicked in. The cats, now named Norm and Jazz, are doing well and will remain at Dorchester Paws’ intake clinic for processing.

The shelter wants to remind the public that they do take in owner surrenders for animals located in Dorchester County, but appointments are necessary. They also provide pet food and cat litter for those facing unexpected circumstances.



While owner surrender appointments may be scheduled a few weeks out during their busy months, this is no excuse to leave an animal outside of the shelter. You can find more information regarding Dorchester Paws’ programs and services here:

May is typically the shelter’s highest intake month out of the whole year. Their cat room is completely full and they are constantly seeking fosters.

June is adopt a shelter cat month and to help raise awareness Dorchester Paws will be adopting out animals over 6 months old for $30. Additionally all kittens will be half off.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline

Maybelline, a deaf pit bull, was originally brought in to Dorchester Paws by Animal Control on May 29th, 2013. She was adopted shortly after and all seemed to be going well. In January of 2014 she suddenly reappeared at the shelter as a “stray.” She had been dumped in a neighbor’s yard. While our staff was sad to learn of her return, they welcomed her back with open arms. This time her stay at the shelter was much longer and surpassed six months in length. Maybelline was adopted, for a second time, on July 6th, 2014. Animals came and went, but Maybelline did not return.


Four years later Maybelline was brought in as an owner surrender, she was not doing well with their other pets. Dorchester Paws was determined to find Maybelline the perfect home, one where she would be the only animal and never abandoned. Discouraged by being returned to the shelter once more, Maybelline quickly began to show signs of deterioration. She would spend her days intensely watching shadows on her kennel walls. Knowing this was a sign of behavioral distress, staff quickly began to search for a long term foster.


In March of 2019 Maybelline found a foster family who worked magic on getting her use to strangers. They were falling in love with her more and more every day. Stating that she enjoyed going on walks, behaved wonderfully on a leash and loved having her belly rubbed. Her foster family made the adoption official on May 18th, 2019.


While we will miss seeing Maybelline’s smiling face, we hope she won’t be visiting us at the shelter again! Congratulations Maybelline on finding your final forever family. It costs Dorchester Paws $25 to provide a single day of care. While the average length of stay for animals at our shelter is 17 days, some animals, like Maybelline, need extra time in order to find their perfect fit.

Game of Homes Adoption Special!


Historically May has always been our highest intake month, but we are only on day two and are already full! We had 291 strays brought in, 17 owner surrenders, and 15 returned adoptions last month! Every run here at Dorchester Paws is occupied and we currently have five pop-up kennels in use. We need your help spreading the word about our adoption special. All animals, over 6 months old, are only $40. ANY adoptable animal is eligible for our Foster to Adopt program. This means you will have a 2 week trial period, at no cost, to see if you have found a new family member!

This Saturday, May 4th, we will be hosting both on site and off site adoption events sponsored by PetSense. Come meet your new fur-friend at 98 Davenport Street in Goose Creek from 12-3pm or stop by the shelter!

Please help us spread the word!

Animals in Need of Extensive Medical Care

In just ONE week Dorchester Paws has taken in THREE animals who are in need of outside veterinary care and additional medical attention that will add up to over $5,000!

We have teamed up with the fundraising platform, Donate2it, to help raise funds for Zola, Tito & Mary. Donate2it will match the donations raised up to $2,000!

Every year Dorchester Paws takes in around 3,500 animals. Each healthy animal has to be vaccinated, given preventatives, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. On average it costs $90 to vet a single healthy animal and prepare them for adoption.

As the ONLY Open-Admission animal shelter in Dorchester County, we take in every animal that is brought to our doors. The reality is that not all of the animals are healthy. Last year we spent $30,000 on outside veterinary care.

While we are very grateful to have received the Petco Foundation Grant, that will help pay for some of our outside veterinary expenses, we are taking in urgent medical cases paw over fist and will need assistance to keep up.

All proceeds raised on the Donate2it platform will be directly transferred into our Michael’s Healing Heart Fund, which exists so that no animal will have to wait on funds to get the medical attention they deserve.