Yesterday we took FOUR of our animals to Summerville Pet Clinic for x-rays. X-rays typically range from $50-100 per animal. Unfortunately two of our animals came back with rads that revealed femur fractures, one of which is a 3 month old kitten named Meowth.

While we have other animals in need of surgical attention, Dr. Bice explains that Meowth’s is of the “most urgent concern and if it doesn’t get fixed within the next few days she might have to loose the leg.”

The surgery to fix her leg will be expensive due to her size . She needs pins and wires to get it back in place or it could heal in a non-functional position.

Meowth is being examined by Veterinary Specialty Care – SC today and they will discuss a plan of action moving forward. Your donation could help provide her with the life altering surgery.