Sky’s Got No Limits

Meet Sky!

She’s been with us at Dorchester Paws since last summer and we’re sure that her forever home is right around the corner. Rumor has it that there’s only rainbows after rain and our sweet Sky has seen a few rainy days. When she came to us last year, she was extremely shy, reserved and timid. We didn’t know if she was just a quiet girl or if it was a result of her experiences before.

After a few weeks getting some extra love from our amazing volunteers, we got to see her really shine. We got to see that the sweet timid pup who came into our gates was this kind and loving lady who we know now. She’s a big tennis ball girl, loves a good pupperoni, and can scarf down a puppichino from Starbucks faster than we drink our coffee.
We fall in love with dogs and cats every day, but Sky has a special place in our hearts at Dorchester Paws. 

At Dorchester Paws is on a mission to end unnecessary euthanasia… the right way.
We currently have 27 dogs who have been at our shelter for over 90 day, Sky being one of them.

Stop and imagine being on the inside of a kennel looking out, watching the days pass you by, longing for a home to call your own.

We are starting a call to action, help us give our longest residents the exposure they need!
Have a social media following? Then become a dog’s advocate!
You can always take a dog on a date and show them around town, then blast their adventure all over social media!
Help us decorate their kennels in photos to show potential adopters their true personalities.

Check out this video from a date with our sweetheart!