A Date with Blue

Blue is a one year old Terrier Mix that’s in residence at Dorchester Paws. Blue was given the opportunity to get out of the shelter, see the town and show what his personality is really made of. 


Blue and his family fro the day went to Hampton Park by the Citadel and explored the walking trails. Blue met some other dogs and kissed a boxer. His dad for the day described him as very “curious,” as he sniffed the other dogs that he met, flowers on their walk, and birds in the park! 

They received several compliments on how well behaved Blue was for his age and how friendly he was. 


When Blue saw children, he was so happy and warm. When a couple approached and stopped to play with him, he was so excited that he couldn’t stop! 


Blue had a puppichino from Starbucks and saw Heaven. While he didn’t really show interest in fetching or pull games, he enjoyed playing with the toys on his own. 

At the end of the day, Blue was excellent in the car. 


“Definitely not your average dog! He’s in a league of his own.” was the last line of Blue’s dad for the day’s email and we couldn’t agree more. 

Blue is a special man with lots of energy and days ahead of him. 

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