Blue | Adoption Ambassador

We got a note from Blue’s adoption ambassador!

“You’re my boy Blue!!!!!
This is what you could be saying by adopting this sweet, lovable, somewhat clumsy goofball of a pup!

Blue was a 10 month old stray brought in from the streets and was deteriorating in the kennel. But once in our home, this dog’s true nature shined! He is the biggest cuddle bug and will put his 100 pound head on top of you whenever you allow it! He has done amazing with our dog Luna and plays with her in the backyard throughout the day.

He is house trained, crate trained, does extremely well in public places with other people, and has never shown aggression to any other dog in any situation (even when other dogs aren’t being very nice to him!).

Though he does love to play rough sometimes! This pup can play for hours, but also nap for hours, and has been such a great addition to our home. He is still learning the basic commands but should be very trainable. And being a puppy, he can sometimes get mouthy (but never puts pressure on it) and can get easily distracted by things around him. Though he is quickly learning to not do either! If you have any interest in meeting Blue, please let myself, Mary, or Dorchester Paws know!”

If you’re interested in adoption or finding out more about Blue, email us at!


Here’s some pictures from his life away from the shelter!