100 Doggie Dates!

A few weeks ago, we reached out to you guys about our Date With A Dog Program!

This program gives our animals the opportunity to really shine. When you take a dog on a date, they get an afternoon of fun, exploring and tail wags outside of the shelter.

Well, the community surrounding Dorchester Paws has officially taken 100 dogs out on dates!

These dates have been everything from going to the beach, getting Starbucks, heading downtown to going to get groomed at PuppyKatz! They’ve directly lead to the adoption of some of our longest residents and have helped countless dogs find their forever homes.

This week, Wintergreen was our 100th dog! To celebrate this major milestone, we thanked her date for the date, Robert, by giving him naming rights to a litter of dogs or kittens this Spring!

Here’s what her family for the day had to say!


I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to take Wintergreen on a doggie date on Tuesday.  When we left the shelter, she seemed shy and scared.  We went to Hutchinson Square in Summerville and walked by the shops. She stood up in the backseat the entire time and wouldn’t sit or lay down.  People stopped and petted her and talked to us.  I promoted the fact that she is up for adoption and shared her name and age with them.  She wagged her tail.  We then drove to Starbucks in Wescott on Dorchester Road.  This time she layed down and I gave her two treats for being a good girl.  At Starbucks, Wintergreen enjoyed a pupiccino.  The staff were friendly and Wintergreen enjoyed more petting.  Then we drove across the parking lot to Pet Supplies Plus and I let Wintergreen pick out a toy.  She chose a soft bone.
Two more people talked to us and showed her some attention. I gave her two more treats.  Then we went to my house.  We sat on the couch and she fell asleep.  She slept for just over an hour…
She seems afraid of all doors.  I tried to work with her on this but she will need more work with someone who is patient with her…
I hope to see you again on Tuesday for another date!”