Urgent Help Needed For Kitten!

Urgent support needed for Missy! Dorchester Paws just took over ownership of a 6 month old kitten who is in need of an EMERGENCY leg amputation TODAY! Missy has severe bone exposure. From the condition of her leg, it seems the original injury took place awhile ago. Staff is currently prepping to transport her for an immediate operation.

Dorchester Paws is committed to ending unnecessary euthanasia and preventing animal cruelty. We rely on our supports to help us carry out our lifesaving work. Despite current situations, our work is essential. We will continue to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and protected the abused.

As an open admission shelter, Dorchester Paws’ work is never done. Despite the decrease in adoptions and donations, the shelter will continue to take in every lost, abandoned and abused animals in Dorchester County.

Donate so we can help get Missy the care she needs. https://dorchesterpaws.org/give-today/