Dog Enrichment & Snuffle Mats

Kennel deterioration is when an animal, dog or cat, struggles in a shelter environment. They can begin to lash out, suffer from personality changes, and struggle to get adopted.

One of the ways that Dorchester Paws combats this is through our animal enrichment programs. As a part of our enrichment programs, we use crafts, tools and behavior programs to keep our animals mentally stimulated and happy. Check out our enrichment wishlist on Amazon here and keep reading to find out how to make one of our favorites, the snuffle mat!

One great tool is using a snuffle mat, an easily created homemade toy that gives your animal the chance to sniff and search through fleece strips to find kibble or treats.
It’s basically a rubber mat tied with lots and lots of fleece fabric strips – so let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

  • Rubber Sink, Door Mat with Holes (cut to desired size), or Basket
  • Washable fleece fabric or cloths
  • Scissors

1.      Cut your mat to desired size.

2.      Cut your fabric into 1 inch wide, 8 – 10-inch length strips.

3.      Take one strip and push one end through a mat hole and then then take the other end of the fabric strip and feed it through the hold next to the first one. Flip the rubber mat over and tie the fabric strip into a knot.

4.      Repeat this step until the entire mat is full and there are no empty spots.

5.      Turn the mat over and give it a good shake to remove any fleece particles. Sprinkle with treats or kibble and let your pet explore, sniff and search!

Baskets can be used as well to create a more challenging search!
An easy way that our community can participate in bettering the lives of our animals is through partaking in crafts like these that help keep our pups mentally stimulated!
At Dorchester Paws, we have a donation shed right outside of our gates that our community can drop off their creations too.