How YOU can support Dorchester Paws from HOME.

Recently, the National Animal Care & Control Association released  a statement asserting that animal services should be considered essential public services, and therefore both animal control and shelter operations should continue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dorchester Paws will remain open by appointment only. All business will be conducted outside of our building and follow six feet social distancing guidelines. We will be here to serve our community through adoptions, owner reclaims, surrendering of pets who have no other viable options and the delivering pet food to those in need. Our goal for remaining open is to maintain a slow and steady flow of animals in and out of the shelter, with a focus on responding to emergency intakes of sick and injured animals.

Your support remains crucial to our mission, which is to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, and protect the abused.

Below are a list of ways you can help Dorchester Paws from your home:

🐾 Create your own Facebook Fundraiser for us!…/five-steps-to-a-facebook-fund…/

🐾 Make DIY dog toys for our shelter animals!…/04/dog-enrichment-snuffle-mats/

🐾 Amazon is great for when you’re stuck at home!…

🐾Like and share all of our social media posts!


The shelter will not be allowing new volunteers at this time, but we hope you will choose to support us in one of the ways listed above.