Dorchester Paws Wishlist | May 2020

Donations are important to keep any nonprofit running, but this is especially true in animal rescue organizations and shelters. With so many animals that require help and little support from the government, private donations are the backbones of most animal shelters.

Almost every animal shelter will have an Amazon Wishlist (see our Amazon wishlist here), we wanted to take a second to discuss a few of our top needs right now this March!

  1. Cat Litter: If you follow us on social media, you know that we’re always in desperate need of our paper pellet cat litter. We use paper pellet litter, because it’s truly the best for our cats and helps prevent upper respiratory infections associated with traditional litter. At Dorchester Paws, we clean our cages multiple times a day, scooping litter, and we completely replace cat litter approximately once a week. Because of this, we typically go through 6 bags of cat litter every week. With puppy and kitten season approaching, we can predict the number of bags of cat litter that we use every week to nearly double, if not triple.
  2. Paper Towels: Paper Towels are one of the most used products on the Dorchester Paws campus – up there with our different foods and litters. After interacting with an animal, we encourage everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and dry them with a disposable towel. Paper towels are also essential in our cleaning process, specifically when cleaning cat kennels and drying things in dog kennels.
  3. Printer Paper: At Dorchester Paws, we use our printer for just about everything. While we are partnered with a local printer, Mr. Sign, we prefer to do our small printing in the office. With printer paper, we make our kennel cards, we print forms, we share information and sign contracts. It’s our bread and butter and we’re in need of some more!
  4. Hand Sanitizer: Everyone has experienced a different struggle throughout quarantining and isolation thanks to Covid-19. However as our animal shelter is responsible for almost 300 animals right now, we were unable to close. While we did our best to social distance, we had to continue to take care of our animals and keep our staff safe. One of the ways that we cared for our staff is through constant sanitizing, mask-wearing and social distancing when possible. Now that we’re open to the public again, Dorchester Paws is taking precautions to keep our staff, our animals, and our community safe.
  5. Rescue: Rescue is the cleaning product that we live by at Dorchester Paws. We use it to clean, get rid of odors, and help make the safest and cleanest space possible for our animals. 

Our address is 136 Four Paws Lane in Summerville, SC 29483. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of our volunteers, the kindness of our community and the generous donations that we receive constantly.

Thank you so much!