Ways to Help at Dorchester Paws!

This month was Jaydan’s birthday and he knew that he wanted to use his quarantine celebration as an opportunity to help his favorite cause… puppies.

In combination with his mother, Jaydan was able to organize a pet supply drive in his community to collect items to help his community animal shelter.  With help from his mom, Facebook, and a little sidewalk chalk, he brought in his donations to the shelter last week and we couldn’t have been more touched.

While he’s too young to volunteer on-campus, Jaydan used this opportunity to help out and we have multiple ways that we encourage our younger volunteers to help out.


Hold a pet supply drive!

At Dorchester Paws, we use so many various supplies and we appreciate any help collecting them. We’ve seen people hold a “wishlist” drive, meaning they collect items specifically from our Amazon wishlists, food drives, blanket drives, toy drives and much more.

Collect empty aluminum cans! 

As it’s getting into the Spring and Summer months, make sure you’re saving all of your cans from your outdoor adventures!  At Dorchester Paws, we collect aluminum cans and are able to turn them into monetary donations for our shelter! We have a trailer where we store our collections and are able to recycle them for anywhere from $23 to $301.

Hold your birthday party in honor of the shelter animals (like Jaydan!) 

We included some pictures from Jaydan’s shelter drive, but you can make it as big, small, silly, funny, or formal as you want! If you’re having a party, you can ask your guests to bring dog and cat toys instead of human ones, or you can host a drive like Jaydan’s.

Make toys for dogs or cats! 

There are so many ways that you can create toys to help make our pets happier in their time at the shelter. Here we included a step-by-step in how to make a Snuffle Mat, an enrichment toy that keeps our pet’s senses sharp!