Dorchester Paws is excited to announce that we’re building a Free-Roaming Cat Room!

Previously, the admissions cat room consisted of rows of kennels, lining the room, making hopeful adopters able to see as many potential cats as possible. This new space will allow cats to roam and play in an environment that is more similar to a real home, with cubbies, lounge areas, chairs, and space to socialize, play, and interact.

By eliminating the isolation that kennels cause, the cats at Dorchester Paws will be able to experience more natural behaviors. This will hopefully decrease the amount of stress that they feel, decreasing our signs of kennel deterioration, and hopefully increase our adoptions into happy forever homes.

Research has shown the benefit of a free-roaming cat adoption floor. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a communal room “helps provide cats with a sense of control over their environment, thus eliminating a major source of their stress.”

This new project is going to give our cats the opportunity to shine and thrive while residents at Dorchester Paws.

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