Grand Opening of Free-Roaming Cat Room

This weekend, on June 20th, Dorchester Paws celebrated the Fur-st Day of Summer with the grand opening of our Free-Roaming Cat Room.

Previously, the admissions cat room, consisted of rows of metal cages and pop up kennels. This new space was originally designed a holding room for cats that were waiting to be spayed or neutered, reunited with their owner, or adopted.
The area has been transformed with new purpose into the Dorchester Paws Free-Roaming Cat Room. It allows cats the space the roam and play in an environment that is comparable to the atmosphere of a real home. It features brightly colored shelves, lounge areas, ramps, cubbies, an outdoor catio and more, all within a large social area for them to play and interact with each other and potential adopters.

Through eliminating the isolation that is associated with kennels, the Dorchester Paws cats will be able to experience more natural behaviors.

Research has shown the benefit of a free-roaming cat adoption floor. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a communal space “helps provide cats with a sense of control over their environments, thus eliminating a major source of their stress.” This new initiative will hopefully decrease the amount of stress experienced by shelter cats, decreasing our signs of kennel deterioration, length of stay and hopefully increase the number of successful adoptions.



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