Animal Safety | Security Cameras

There is no doubt that dogs become part of a family. They keep their owners busy and active, reduce stress, provide a sense of purpose, promote happiness, and even have the ability to improve owners’ social lives. Dogs are, of course, a huge responsibility and therefore all owners need to cater to their needs and well-being, which includes keeping them safe.

It’s fun (and even cute) to watch dogs play and run around, but it is important to pay attention to what the dogs like to get into, especially when they are young and very curious about everything. Of course, obvious mistakes like leaving certain human food out on the table where a dog can access it can be dangerous to him or her, but there are many other unobvious things our furry friends might be interested in, such as pesticides, houseplants, and nails.

Ultimately, it is important to pet-proof your home, including the outdoors, to protect your dog and avoid any emergency veterinarian runs. Below are some key ways you can ensure your dog is safe.


Thanks to Ruby, Sarah and Evan, we wanted to share this interesting article about the benefit of security animals in keeping your pets safe.