Dorchester Paws needs YOUR help with new foamers!

Dorchester Paws has found ourselves in great NEED of new foamers.

These tools are mission critical, as they’re a huge part of how we’re able to ensure that we’re providing humane care to each of our animals; allowing us to deep clean kennels, carriers and tools in between animals, preventing the spread of infectious diseases between animals. Right now, we’re raising funds to order FOUR new foamers to help our shelter provide the proper care for our animals.

Dorchester Paws is run on donations from the kindness and generosity of our community.

We need your help and we need it as soon as possible.

Every dollar makes a difference and helps us in the life-saving work that Dorchester Paws does on a daily basis.
Every share helps spread the mission of Dorchester Paws to help every dog and cat on their journey to their forever homes.