Paper Pellet Cat Litter

On August 22nd, Dorchester Paws completely ran out of cat litter in the middle of kitten season. We took to every platform that we have to ask our community to assist us by purchasing and donating paper pellet cat litter to the shelter.

Why Paper Pellet Cat Litter?

We specifically use paper pellet cat litter rather than traditional clumping litter, as they help prevent upper respiratory infections in cats.
Because of the high level of absorbancy, paper pellet cat litter doesn’t break apart or cake to the bottom of litter pans when wet. It creates a healthier environment for individual cats using the litter box, as leftover waste is minimized, cleaning is easier and more effective, and there’s minimal dust. This helps prevent upper respiratory infections at home and in the shelter.
Specifically, in the shelter environment, it minimizes dust or airborne germs in the cat spaces, it’s safer for kittens, and allows for deeper and more effective cleanings during daily cleanings, in between kennels and between the cats in the kennels.

How Can You Help?

The easiest way to help the Dorchester Paws mission is through donating. Whether monetary, goods or services, Dorchester Paws can always use your help.

Right now, while we’re in need of paper pellet cat litter, there are multiple ways to help.
Through bringing paper pellet cat litter to the shelter at 136 Four Paws Lane in Summerville, you’re providing immediate relief and we have a 24-hour donation shed, right outside of the shelter gates to encourage social distancing.
Supporting our Amazon wishlist gives you an idea of the variety of goods that are needed on a daily basis.
Donating to our General Fund here helps us when our staff has to go purchase cat litter on our own.

How Can You Help If You Can’t Stop By?

Dorchester Paws has an Amazon Wishlist where we share our top needs, updating them every week. See that here. When you shop our Amazon Wishlist, you’re able to support us immediately and take an immediate role in the Dorchester Paws mission.
However, with Paper Pellet Cat Litter, this is a reoccurring need and would be perfect to set up a reoccurring shipment through Amazon. By committing to a reoccurring shipment, you take an active role in our mission and allow the shelter staff to focus on what matters; caring for animals.