New Leadership

Its official! Dorchester Paws has undergone massive changes this year, and the single greatest change is our two new leaders in our campaign to become the best shelter we can be. The following will help you learn more about April Howard (left) and Maddie Moore (right).
“With over a decade of experience working in animal welfare, Moore has worked as a certified veterinarian assistant, a federal employee with the army assisting with military working/family dogs. She also served as President for a nonprofit animal welfare organization in Sicily, Italy. She moved to South Carolina two years ago where she began her work with Dorchester Paws. Moore has a deep passion for both the Dorchester Paws mission and the community it serves.”
“Howard began her journey with Dorchester Paws three years ago when she first moved to South Carolina. During her tenure she has worked alongside every position at the organization, learning the ins and outs of shelter operations. Prior to joining Dorchester Paws, Howard worked as a medical assistant and has 14 years of experience in hotel operations and management.”
We are so happy to share with you these changes in our shelter! From here on out, expect to see a multitude of changes as we strive to create the finest atmosphere for protecting the animals in our care.