Top Needs: How you can shop to save a life

Dorchester Paws Needs YOUR Help.

Almost every week, Dorchester Paws shares our Top Needs on our social media; updating a list with what specific and immediate needs that our shelter has, varying from hot dogs that we use to get our dogs to take their medication to specific enrichment items like adopt me harnesses.

As of right now, 10:50 AM on March 15th, we are running out of Paper Pellet Cat Litter. We won’t make it but a couple of days, if that, before we are completely out!

We need your help.

When you shop our Amazon Wishlist, you’re able to support us immediately and take action in the Dorchester Paws mission. View our list here!

However, with Paper Pellet Cat Litter, this is a reoccurring need and would be perfect to set up a reoccurring shipment through Amazon. By committing to a reoccurring shipment you are telling us we can count on you! This allow the shelter staff to focus on what matters; caring for animals.