Marley’s Trans-FUR-mation 

Marley, along with another dog who staff later named Fozzy, came to us on 3/25. Within moments of entering our shelter our team was already working on freeing him of the mats that covered his body.

He was immediately medically processed, where it was discovered that he had a grade three heart murmur and was in dire need of a dental, but due to his body condition it was hard to determine what else he may need.  His hair was so matted that it formed hard pellets of fur. It was impossible to find any skin to successfully draw blood.

Dr. Sally Price, staff veterinarian at Dorchester Paws, described his condition as an “extreme hygiene emergency.” One of the worst cases she has ever seen. It was decided that the most humane and safest way to free Marley was to put him under a local anesthetic and preform a sedated groom.

“Mats form when dog fur becomes tangled and wraps around itself, forming tightly wound clumps of the loose dead fur and live fur.” It can be extremely painful.”

Marley’s mats contained fleas, dirt, small stick and leaves, and even feces. Dr. Price was concerned about the condition of his skin under all the fur, even worried that his tail would be necrotic from where the dreaded fur had encased the tail into a hard pellet. 

Once under, it took a team of two personals equipped with clippers to free Marley.

At first glance, the matted mess of fur made it seem as though Marley was plump. But once you laid your hands on him it was apparent how grave his condition was. He immediately scarfed down the food he was offered. When he first came in he weighed just over 11lbs. After his emergency groom, it was discovered that Marley had 4.5lbs of matted fur caked to his body and he barley weighed 7lbs.

We don’t know Marley’s backstory, but we do know that he was brought to Dorchester Paws just in the nick of time. It is apparent, through his body condition, that he is either the result of extreme neglect or has been missing for quit some time. Your donations made this before and after possible.

It is your care that allowed us to afford to have a vet on staff. To afford taking the extra care to groom an animal in this condition. It is through your continued support that we will be able to continue to help Marley and afford a dental with multiple extractions. You will help us free Fozzy of his mats next.

Your donation made the difference. Your monthly gift provides food when we are low, pays for urgent medical bills, and lends a helping hand to the lost, abandoned or abused animals…. just like Marley.