Their only chance is getting out. Foster or adopt a long term lodger today!

“High arousal is a downward spiral for the shelter dog. The more aroused he gets, the less of an adoptable impression he makes on the public, thereby ensuring a longer (and, hence, more arousing) shelter stay. ” –Petfinder


Unfortunately, all of the animals listed above are starting to deteriorate. Kennel deterioration can manifest in all different ways. Despite daily walks, food enrichment, and playgroups, the shelter environment can be intensely overstimulating and stressful for animals who bunk with us for an extended period of time. Shelters serve as a catch twenty-two, we provide a safe haven for animals who have nowhere else to go, a temporary home. Our staff loves each and every animal like they were one of our own. However, when the temporary home turns into an extended stay, these long term lodgers start to deteriorate.

High Arousal: They are at a constant state of elevated arousal as they watch people and other animals walk by their kennel doors. They usually have trouble maintaining weight due to bouncing off their kennel walls and starting to spin. They may seem unmanageably unsettled and hyper. Most of the time these are the dogs that will bark in excitement as someone walks by their kennel. This is the case for Midnight and Socks

Depression: They begin to shut down. A highly food motivated dog will lose interest in treats and barely get up from their dog bed to come meet potential adopters at their kennel. This is the case for Piglet and Chief.

Restlessness: They pace and pant, seemingly unable to find a comfortable position. They may start to lick the walls of their kennel, drool excessively or whine.  This is the case for Sydney and Felicia.

The solution? A home. Regardless if it is a foster or a forever home, these animals need the freedom of choice. They need to be able to choose, whether it’s just lounging around… or spending time with their best friend (you), these animals deserve the power of choice. Your comfort and knowing you are there is enough to lift them out of their downward spiral.

Our shelter workers care deeply about each and every animal that enters our care. We care for and love them as we do our own. That is why it is incredibly heartbreaking to sit by and watch as an animal begins to decline. Our staff is known to come in on their days off, dedicating their own personal time, to make sure all of the dogs get to go for a walk. They spend their own money to buy bananas and blueberries to make a frozen treat. We are constantly trying to think of creative ways to enrich the lives of our shelter animals. But at the end of the day, this is your community animal shelter and we need your help! The shelter was never meant to be a long term solution for a homeless animal and we need you to spread the word so we can find more adopters and fosters!

These animals deserve a chance…they deserve the right to make a choice.

Please help us give them that choice.