Will you donate to cover the cost of a life changing surgery?

Dorchester Paws recently took in eight animals that all are in need of extensive medical procedures. By the end of next month the shelter will have nearly $18k due in medical bills. Will you virtual sponsor an animal and pay to get them the life altering care they deserve? Donate at: https://dorchesterpaws.org/michaels-healing-heart-fund/

Dorchester Paws currently needs to pay for the following surgeries.

– Arthrodesis surgery that will fuse together the ankle of a gunshot wound dog. Estimated at $3,500
– Four separate eye enucleations to improve the lives of three kittens. Estimated at $600 each
– A double total ear canal ablation surgery to help a deaf and painful dog. Estimated at $6,000
– A dental with multiple extractions for a four year old dog that has pulp exposure. Estimated at $2,000
– A leg amputation for a kitten who was found with a protruding bone and covered in maggots. Estimate to be determined once kitten is stable.
– A Femoral Head Ostectomy for a dog to alleviate an injured hip joint. Estimated at $2,500

 Meet the faces that need your help:

As an open admission shelter, we take in every lost, abandoned and abused animal, regardless of available resources or space.  In fact, just recently our directors received a phone call from an emergency vet about a small kitten from another county that was in need of a leg amputation. The county’s shelter was too far away and were unable to make the drive to intake the kitten. Dorchester Paws stepped up to the plate, despite having nearly $18,000 in existing medical cases.

Each day this week will be featuring one of the animals whose life your donation will forever change. 

First up is Nina (pictured in the far left bottom corner). She is a four year old dog who has severe pulp exposure on her teeth and will require a dental with multiple extractions. Dorchester Paws staff veterinarians both agree that the damage is the result of extreme chewing that directly correlates to her life before arriving to the shelter. Her mouth represents that of a dog who spent their whole life gnawing on kennel trying to escape.  Nina’s surgery is being performed by Sweetgrass Animal Hospital on June 1st. The veterinary clinic has offered us a generous discount, reducing the cost of her procedure from $2,000 to just over $680. The estimate can be found below. 

Damara (pictured in the top left) came to us with shrapnel in her front and back legs from an old gun shot injury. The left over bullet fragments are highlighted in the images below. Metal fragments appear much brighter than bone in x-ray images.

The bullet caused her bone to shatter into pieces. She is is pain evident by the way she holds her back leg up when walking. Dr. Bice, Head Veterinarian at Dorchester Paws, describes the injury as the bones in Damara’s ankle are crunching every time she puts weight on it. This causes rubbing, which is painful. Her ankle is very unstable and needs an arthrodesis surgery.
This procedure would save her leg, but is estimated at $3,500. It essentially will fuse the bones into one solid form. The only other option is a total leg amputation.