New Transport Van

Have you seen our new transport van? “Sara-Beth Saves the Strays,” named after the anonymous donor’s beloved dog – Sara Beth – is a brand new transport van that was donated to Dorchester Paws. Our van will be used to transport dogs and kittens up north to rescue partners while helping local shelters in the mission of No Kill 2024. In addition to this fantastic donor, Dorchester Paws received a $5,000 grant from Junior Service League to help with transport costs.
Lanea Wilson, Rescue and Rehabilitation Manager, explains the importance of this donation. “This is a brand new van that was donated to help us save more lives! Sara Beth was a beloved family dog that the donor adored and wanted to see her legacy carry on. This van will allow for us to get more animals to more places, thus creating more space here at the shelter for new animals coming in. Transferring animals helps open up new adoption avenues as well- we can have a dog sit here for months with no adoption interest but then go to another state and be adopted within days!”
Dorchester Paws has already used the van in our first rescue mission. On July 22nd, five dogs were transported to a shelter in Maryland. Each Rescue trip runs us anywhere from $300-$1,000.
How can you hep? To find out how to donate to sponsor a rescue mission, please email or donate at: