Appa is Dorchester Paws’ LONGEST resident. At just two years old, he has already been at the shelter for 124 days. Did you know in “dog years” that means he has spent 868 “dog days” of his life at the shelter instead of in a home?
Appa would love to go home with a bachelor and a boat (wouldn’t we all!) We say this because, as you can tell from his photos, he LOVES water. Despite being introduced to playgroups at the shelter, he would do best as the only dog in his home at first.
He has been in playgroups while at the shelter, but has gotten overstimulated recently while in them. At this time, we feel it is best if he is the only dog when he first goes home so he can decompress from the stressful prolonged shelter stay. This is not to say that the adopter would never be able to own another dog with him, but training would be required. Due to his energy level (and being jumpy) he would do best with older children.
With a lot of energy, and a love for tennis balls, Appa is ready to find his adventure buddy! For more information email or come visit us any day of the week from 12-5PM!