For Immediate Release

February 8, 2022

Dorchester Paws issues a temporary moratorium on dog intakes until Monday. $14 adoption fees in place.



Dorchester Paws is issuing it’s first temporary moratorium of 2022, on dog intakes until Monday, February 14. In just 38 days (since January 1, 2022), Dorchester Paws has taken in 160 dogs alone. This is a 17% increase over what we took in, during the same time frame in 2021.

The timing for this moratorium is not typical. It is a result of Dorchester Paws operating with a full dog adoption floor since late fall coupled with the number of dogs we have taken in. With these kinds of intake numbers our processing/intake kennels as well as our dog adoption floor have been both operating at max capacity daily. Right now, all 80 dog kennels are full and dogs will be in pop ups in our hallways as the day goes on. Dorchester Paws will not euthanize for kennel space, rather our staff works diligently at the challenging jigsaw puzzle to move dogs around to get them scheduled for surgery, tagged for rescue, reclaimed, and/or set up to be reserved; all with the same goal, to get them into a home as fast as possible.

Dorchester Paws relies heavily on fosters, adopters and the community to spread the message so we can find homes quicker for these animals. From now until Monday, February 14th, all dog adoption fees are $14. That is a fully spayed/neutered animal for $14 who is also microchipped, vetted, heartworm tested and an animal who is on monthly preventatives.

We are also in need of registered 501(c)(3) rescue organizations to pull animals to help reduce capacities at our shelter and find homes for dogs within their communities.

The temporary moratorium is in place for all non-emergent dog intakes, effective immediately. Our admissions department will hopefully reopen on Monday, February 14. Non emergent intakes will need to be postponed until our shelter frees up space. We are offering supplies and resources until our intake is re-opened for anyone who finds dogs within Dorchester County. This temporary moratorium is just for dogs. We can and are able to take in cats. For emergent cases, please call Dorchester County ACO at (843) 563-0015.

Dorchester Paws is open daily, from 12-5pm for adoptions. To foster, the public can email foster@dorchesterpaws.org. To donate to the animal’s daily care, click here.

Dorchester Paws

Dorchester Paws, formerly known as Frances R. Willis SPCA, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Dorchester County, South Carolina. Dorchester Paws is the only open-admission shelter in Dorchester County, serving the towns of Rosinville, Ridgeville, Oakbrook, St. George, Summerville and Grover, South Carolina. Partnering with Dorchester Code Enforcement, the organization takes in every lost, abandoned and abused animal and provides food, shelter and medical attention until a “forever home” can be found. Since 2017, Dorchester Paws has been a no kill shelter and is a partner in the “No Kill South Carolina Coalition.”


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