2021 Annual Report


2021 was another busy year for Dorchester Paws. In total, 3,841 animals came through our doors, where some days we averaged up to taking in around 15 animals a day.  This is a 4.69% increase in intakes, from what came in our doors in 2020.

The staff at Dorchester Paws works hard every day to care for all the neglected, abandoned, and stray animals that come in. We provide care, medical treatment, and other resources to ensure that these animals are returned to their owner or found a new forever home. Regardless of how the animal comes to our doors, each animal is processed upon intake and provided the care they need. Dorchester Paws relies on adopters, volunteers, fosters and donors to help carry out our mission.

2021, by the numbers:

  • 3,841 animals came into Dorchester Paws (Dorchester Paws also saw more owner surrenders than ever before, and switched to a managed intake program because of it.)
  • 9,457 vaccinations were distributed
  • 3,076 spay and neuter surgeries were performed
  • 2,363 animals were adopted
  • 1,405 animals were placed in foster homes
  • 591 cats were part of our TNR program
  • 365 were returned to their owners
  • 256 animals were transferred out to rescue partners
  • 137 life-saving special surgeries were performed
  • 122 heartworm treatments were administered
  • Dorchester Paws incurred $1,293,943.17 in expenses, with the average cost per animal, being $337

Dorchester Paws operates off of 83% of public and private donations. Without donations, and our community’s support, we wouldn’t be able to save the nearly 3,850 animals that we did in 2021. While we strive to save them all, our reality as an open admission shelter is that we need the funding to continue to live out our mission.

To our community, who believes and supports giving second chances, we thank you.

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