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Miles for Meaning

In partnership with Miles for Meaning, Dorchester Paws is getting active this March and encouraging the community to log their miles to raise money and awareness for the animals that are in our care.

For 31 days, those who sign up to be on Dorchester Paws’ team, through the Kilter App, will help Dorchester Paws qualify to be eligible to win up to $30,000 based on miles they log. PLUS, all proceeds fundraised through this challenge, by the participants, will go back to Dorchester Paws 100%.

This is a great chance to make a difference by just walking, hiking, cycling, rolling, or running from anywhere in the world. Participants earn points daily by having the Kilter app connected to a fitness application of their choice and on them when they are walking and/or working out. For each mile walked, hiked, rolled or run, a total of 100 points is awarded. For every 3 miles biked, 100 points are awarded.

Need even more of a reason? The animals of Dorchester Paws will be participating as well! Every Thursday, at 9am, Dorchester Paws brings dogs to the Sawmill Branch Trail as part of our Mutts for Miles program. “This program allows our dogs to get a much needed shelter break to expel their energy and give them some normalcy to their day,” says Lanea Wilson the program manager. “You can run or walk a dog for as long as you’d like. To participate, sign up is required in advance.” (sign up form). (photos attached of previous program days)

Participation is FREE and as easy as following these five steps:
STEP 1: Download the Kilter app (iOS/Android) and create an account
STEP 2: Click the “Event” tab in the bottom left corner
STEP 3: Join the Dorchester Paws team by clicking the “Featured Event”, Miles for Meaning and search “Dorchester Paws”
STEP 4: Spread the word to others to join

STEP 5: Donate your hustle by logging (steps, runs, bike rides, hikes, rolling etc.) from March 1 – 31 by having the Kilter app connected to your fitness tracking app

Miles earned, help Dorchester Paws qualify for the grand prizes that Miles for Meaning has set up.
Those are:
1st place team with most miles = $30,000
2nd – 5th place team with most miles = $1,000

6th – 25th place team with most miles = $500

There are also mini challenges set up by Miles for Meaning, that teams can participate in to make Dorchester Paws eligible to win more. For more information on those, please click here.

Do it for them. Work out and log your miles for a great cause! Grab your pet or a loved one, and sign up today!