Dorchester Paws launches a new 2022 program with a HUGE community support day on June 18th. 35,000lbs of pet supplies, resources and vet care will be available for the Low Country and surrounding areas.

This is all tied back to the shelter’s new Pet Support Program, which is aimed at keeping pets out of the shelter and in homes. After seeing an increase in owner surrenders, and general animal admissions, Dorchester Paws leadership brainstormed to enact a Self Supported Rehoming program as well as expand their pet supply pantry. Through retention and rehoming support pets can stay in the home, return to home, or find new placement without ever entering the shelter. 

In the past month Dorchester Paws has taken in 493 animals, which is 71 more animals this year than last. Some of the most common reasons animals are surrendered to shelters include issues with housing, lack of access to affordable veterinary care, and the need for behavioral support.  Other reasons include financial strain making it difficult to access pet food and supplies. Best Friends Animal Society cites that 13.7% of dogs are surrendered due to housing issues and 7.2% are surrendered due to financial situations. By providing as many resources and services as possible, animal welfare organizations can work toward reducing the barriers to keeping pets and people together. 

When they are faced with their hardest moments, people everyday are being forced to make the incredibly tough decision to re-home their pet even though they bring their pet love, happiness and companionship.

“The role of animal shelter facilities is changing and Dorchester Paws is striving to serve not only the animals, but the people that care for these pets as well” says Maddie Moore Dorchester Paws Executive Director. “While we provide a pet food pantry for our community and other pet support services on a daily basis, the latest influx of animals is suggesting that we need to think bigger.”

As part of Dorchester Paws mission, we want to champion responsible pet ownership, end unnecessary euthanasia and keep pets with their families. We want to keep them from ever having to enter the shelter system. “We recognize the need for our shelter to play a larger role for our community and help aid with the separation of people and their pets” says Moore. 

As a result, Raising Cane’s, Charleston Radio Group and Dorchester Paws have teamed up to give back to the community by giving away over 35,000 lbs. of pet food PLUS cat litter and pet supplies. In addition, a veterinarian will be on-site administering rabies vaccines, microchips, and other vaccines for cats and dogs. All items will be given away on a first come first serve basis.  I’m 

“Times are tough. We are grateful for our partners who are supporting our mission and coming to our community’s rescue” says Joshua Ayers, President of Dorchester Paws Board of Directors. “The outpouring support that our partners Raising Canes, Charleston Radio Group, Steinberg Law Firm, Grow Financial, Chewy, The Humane Society of United States, and HolyCity HVAC are lending is incredible. Together we are making a difference for the animals and people of the Low Country.”

Event Details

Pet Community Support Day 

June 18th 


(rain or shine)

Raising Cane’s

9490 Dorchester Road


The community does not need to supply anything; all they need to do is just show up. Each person will go home with at least a two-month supply of food and supplies to care for their animals. 

Items include:

– Cat & Dog Food

– Limited Bird Supplies

– Limited Ferret/Rabbit Supplies

– Cat Litter

– Dog crates / carriers

– Cat enrichment toys and lounges

– & more!

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the mission!