Do you know what to do when you find a lost pet?

Learn the steps to take when you find a lost pet as well as some of the factors that can apply.

When you find a lost pet, many have the inclination to pet them or even contain them on their own. We want to remind you that lost pets could have infections, diseases, or behavioral issues and it is a good idea to have minimal contact with them.  If you are unsure of a pet’s health, if the pet is injured, or you are concerned for your safety, call an Animal Control Officer to help get the pet safely to the shelter.

Animal Control Officers are trained on how to handle and properly capture a pet without risking contamination from health issues.

If you feel comfortable handling the lost pet yourself, check and see if they have any identification on their collar (if they are wearing one). If there is identification, try to make contact with their owner.

If the animal is not wearing a collar, bring them to your nearest animal shelter so they can check for any microchip information. Be sure to remember where you found the lost pet as it helps with reuniting them with their owners!

If you find young kittens or puppies (less than 8 weeks old), it is best to monitor them but leave them under the care of their mom. Young animals have a higher chance of survival if they are left with their mom to care for them. Once they get older, it is best to bring them to a vet or animal shelter to get them vaccinated and spayed or neutered!