As the impact of COVID-19 on our families and community continues to grow, it is essential that you know that Dorchester Paws is going no where and we’re still here serving our animals on the daily.

Each year, we’re able to touch the lives of almost 4,000 animals.
We know confidently that we would not be able to do what we do without the kindness, generosity and support of our community.

If you’re able to help us during this time, we’ve put together a list of ways that our community members can help us in supporting for the hundreds of dogs and cats in Dorchester Paws care.

Donate to our most critical needs. 
Coronavirus can’t stop the life-saving efforts that are occurring on the daily basis at Dorchester Paws. When you support us with any donation, you’re helping us feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and protect the abused. Click HERE to donate today.

Adopt a shelter animal.
As the only no-kill open admission shelter in Dorchester County, no two days are the same and every day, we have new dogs and cats that come into our care. If you and your family are considering bringing a new furry addition into the fold, stop by Dorchester Paws any day of the week between 12-5pm (with your mask!) or visit us virtually and see our available dogs or cats.

Support us through Amazon. 
There are multiple ways that you can support Dorchester Paws even through Amazon.
Through Amazon Smile, a percentage of qualified purchases will be donated to Dorchester Paws if you select us as your charity of choice.
Dorchester Paws is on Amazon with multiple wishlists.
Click below:
General Wishlist
Critical Top Needs
Over-CATpacity (Over capacity with cats)
Sit. Stay. Shop for Dogs. (Over capacity with dogs)

Become a Foster Hero. 
Dorchester Paws greatly relies on our fosters, especially during moments of crisis.
Click here to read more about our First Responder Fosters, the ones who we call upon when we truly need assistance.

Give to Michael’s Healing Heart, our medical fund. 
Dorchester Paws has seen everything from gunshot wounds to mange to abuse and more. Michael’s Healing Heart Fund is what allows us to support every animal on their journey from victim to victory. Click here to read more and donate today.

Set up your own fundraising campaign. 
An easy way for you to show your support and reach out among your peers is through a Facebook Fundraiser. Read here to see our five easy steps to creating a Facebook fundraiser.

Join our Monthly Donors. 
Our monthly donors are the backbone of our shelter, as they’re the people who we consistently know that we can rely on every month.
Whether it’s through a monetary donation or a reoccurring shipment from Amazon, sign up to support us on a Monthly basis.