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Do you know what to do if you find kittens outdoors?

The best way to help most kittens is to leave them with their mother, and then when they are more than 8 weeks old, contact your local animal shelter for spay/neuter resources. Taking newborn kittens to your local shelter should be a last resort. Many animal shelters can’t provide the kind of around-the-clock care that […]

Bissell Pet Foundation Empty the Shelters Recap

Bissell Pet Foundation Empty the Shelters was a HUGE success! Empty the Shelters took place from May 2nd to May 15th and we had a total of 34 adoptions with 20 of those being animals that have been in our care for 30+ days. We are so grateful to have been a part of this […]

Can You Help?

Dorchester Paws needs YOUR help repairing our drains.   LimRic generously donates their time and services to clean out our drains each year. However, when they came out most recently, we discovered a larger problem.   We need to raise just over $1,000 to start the initial process of locating where the clog is and cleaning […]