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Dog Enrichment & Snuffle Mats

Kennel deterioration is when an animal, dog or cat, struggles in a shelter environment. They can begin to lash out, suffer from personality changes, and struggle to get adopted. One of the ways that Dorchester Paws combats this is through our animal enrichment programs. As a part of our enrichment programs, we use crafts, tools […]

Five Steps to A Facebook Fundraiser

Hey Facebook Friends! Did you know that it’s incredibly simple to start a Facebook Fundraiser for Dorchester Paws? If you have a birthday, wedding, or other major life event, you can have your friends and family celebrate with you by supporting your community animal shelter. Our adoption fees vary from $50 to $350 for dogs […]

Mama Knows Best.

So, you’ve found a homeless kitten.  It’s not at all an uncommon thing.  For some, it’s normal to see mothers and their kittens nursing in hidden spots in the yard, bushes, and sheds in the warmer months. On the surface, kitten season sounds fun. It’s kittens!  However, a mixture of human interference and homeless pet […]

Urgent Help Needed For Kitten!

Urgent support needed for Missy! Dorchester Paws just took over ownership of a 6 month old kitten who is in need of an EMERGENCY leg amputation TODAY! Missy has severe bone exposure. From the condition of her leg, it seems the original injury took place awhile ago. Staff is currently prepping to transport her for […]

We Will Remain Open by Appointment Only

Dorchester Paws has had to cut back staff hours due to a 20% decrease in donations, fundraising events, and shelter income. Despite these hardships, the shelter will remain open. We will operate by appointment only. We are here for our community through adoptions, owner reclaims, stray intake, and to hand out pet food to those […]

Because of them, we can’t close!

7 days a week. 24 hours a day. Our animals are here. We need your help now more than ever. Volunteer. Adopt. Foster. Donate. 1. We will continue to remain open for adoptions/fosters/volunteers – HOWEVER,  no more than 10 people will be allowed in the admissions lobby or adoption lobby at once. Should there be […]

EVENT POSTPONED – Dogs Playing For Life

Our event, Dogs Playing for Life, on March 25th-27th has been postponed. We will reschedule it soon and have been reassured we are the first shelter on list for when it is safe for the teachers and trainers to travel again.   Thank you for your understanding and patience. Participants can register to be kept […]

Sit. Stay. Learn

Join us on Facebook Live every day at 1PM (EST) for family fun learning and activities. We know many of you are stuck inside and that schools are closed due to COVID-19. We hope this will bring a smile to your face. We also hope this will help more of our animals find foster or […]

Sassafras is Home!

Our sweet Sassafras, a Cat Pawsitive cat, was just adopted! While a resident at Dorchester Paws, she was working with one of our animal care techs to learn how to high-five! Once upon a time, back when television was good, there was a hit television show called My Cat From Hell. It brought the idea […]

Top 5 Needs | March 9, 2020

Donations are important to keep any nonprofit running, but this is especially true in animal rescue organizations and shelters. With so many animals that are in need of help and little support from the government, private donations are the backbones of most animal shelters. While most shelters have their own wishlists (see our Amazon wishlist here), […]