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2020 Impact

2020 was the best year ever! However, something tells me you disagree. All right, I guess it might have not been the best year. If 2020 was a graph, I think we could all agree that it would be a downhill trend. However, the staff here at Dorchester Paws is more focused on the success […]

Wishing on Stardust

They tell me Halley’s Comet only comes around once every 75 years. Why wait all that time when you can just be with me, Stardust! I am a four-year-old, female terrier mix, and my shelter story started when I arrived at Dorchester Paws on February 11, 2020. Little did I know that 274 days later […]

Steps for Adopting a New Pet During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While social distancing requirements have changed how animal shelters approach the adoption process, COVID-19 hasn’t changed the fact that pets need good homes. For example, many shelters are allowing drive-up adoptions, but you’ll still need to go through an application process before getting a new pet. If you’re looking to bring a pet into your […]

Playgroup Diaries | Mr. Nutella

Welcome to the Dorchester Paws playgroup diaries. A major hurdle in the pursuit of bettering the welfare of animals in shelters is a lack of resources. This includes everything from a lack of volunteers, staff, funds, donations, space or more. For every idea that a shelter has to improve the care of their pets, there […]

Remembering the Canine Heroes of 9/11

Within hours of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001, thousands of rescue workers and first responders made their way to ground zero in an effort to help. There were doctors, firefighters, veterans, nurses, and dogs. The dogs that joined the cause included search and rescue dogs, police K9s, therapy and comfort dogs […]

Paper Pellet Cat Litter

On August 22nd, Dorchester Paws completely ran out of cat litter in the middle of kitten season. We took to every platform that we have to ask our community to assist us by purchasing and donating paper pellet cat litter to the shelter. Why Paper Pellet Cat Litter? We specifically use paper pellet cat litter […]