We’re DOGGONE full!!

We are BEYOND FULL! Dorchester Paws only has 80 dog kennels but we currently have 94 dogs!!!

If you can foster for at LEAST one week, please come in to the shelter TODAY and take a dog home. We are open until 5pm.

Dorchester Paws will provide all the supplies needed, if you can just share your home.

Help us help them!

Look at all these cute faces in need of a home!

Marshmallow, a deaf pit bull, will travel 2,175 miles TODAY!

After 156 days at the shelter and over 90 rescues contacted, Marshmellow is getting transferred!  Minnesota Pit Bull rescue has responded saying they have room for her, we just have to get her there! Despite being deaf, she is full of energy! She never learned to control her mouth as a puppy, through training like bite inhibition. Minnesota Pit Bull rescue will have the recourses and exposure to continue Marshmellow‘s behavior training and ultimately find her the perfect fur-ever home.

Air transportation was out of the question, as Marshmellow would have to fly in cargo. The loud and unfamiliar sounds can hinder her rehabilitation progress. Dorchester Paws has rented a car so that Marshmellow can be on her way. Unfortunately, we don’t have a transportation budget… Can you help us pay for her travel expenses?

You can follow their journey live on our Facebook page or through the#MarshmellowMoves2Minnesota