Hey Facebook Friends!

Did you know that it’s incredibly simple to start a Facebook Fundraiser for Dorchester Paws?

If you have a birthday, wedding, or other major life event, you can have your friends and family celebrate with you by supporting your community animal shelter.
Our adoption fees vary from $50 to $300 for dogs and $25 to $100 for cats. This fee covers everything from spaying and neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, medicine, and common tests like heartworm and some testing.

If you start your fundraiser today, you can set a goal and donate to sponsor an animals adoption!


1. Click Fundraisers on the left of your newsfeed
2. Click Raise Money
3. Select Nonprofit or Charity
4. Select Dorchester Paws, choose a cover photo and fill in fundraiser details
5. Click Create

Start here with this link back to our Facebook where you can share previous fundraisers and start your own! https://www.facebook.com/fund/dorchesterpaws/