Dorchester Paws fights heartworm disease!

Every year, Dorchester Paws treats nearly 200 dogs for heartworm every year?

At a private practice, this treatment could cost almost $1,000 for one dog. Without treatment, heartworms can be fatal.

Our in-house vet Dr. Bice gave us a lot of information about heartworm for National Heartworm Prevention Month this April.

Watch to see our pup Bambi finishing her heartworm treatment!

See some of the animals who have come through our gates that tested positive for heartworm treatment.

Sometimes it’s harder for animal with a positive diagnosis to be adopted, because potential families are intimidated by the diagnosis. However, Bambi is just one example to show you that there is life after heartworm and these are some of the sweetest dogs and cats that we meet!

You could help save a life and donate to sponsor an animal’s heartworm treatment today.