Michael’s Healing Heart Fund 

Since 1972, the mission of Dorchester Paws has been to instill humane principles into society through the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Dorchester Paws is a partner in the “No Kill South Carolina Coalition”. We are also the only open admissions shelter in Dorchester County. This means that we’re determined to end unnecessary euthanasia in Dorchester County, but also we’re the only shelter in Dorchester County that will take in every lost, abandoned, and abused animal and provide them with food, shelter & medical attention until they find their forever home.

This fund was named after Michael, a dog who came through our shelter gates. He was a case of animal cruelty, suffering extreme burns over his body after being tortured with gasoline. Michael left an impact on the hearts of Dorchester Paws.

This fund allows us to continue Michael’s legacy of fighting and continue our mission of helping every animal who comes through our doors.

These funds allow us to ensure that no animal will ever have to wait for funds to get the medical attention that they need and deserve. Through Michael’s Healing Heart, we’re able to pay for the medical bills of the neglected and abused.

2022 Year to Date

Cats and dogs that have been able to get immediate treatment through Michael’s Healing Heart.