Past the Barriers Behavior Fund

This fund was originally founded to support our friend Ted.

Ted was a 3-year-old Corgi mix that arrived at Dorchester with a collar that said “Do not Touch.”

He was scared and confused and would bark and growl through his kennel.

Our Rescue and Rehabilitation Team believed that all Ted needed was to learn that the kennel was a safe place, and the people walking by were friends. He needed someone to trust, someone to show him a gentle hand where one was once rough. Kelsey, our Behavior Assessment Coordinator, began to build a special bond with Ted. She would take him out of his kennel daily and hand feed him treats.

Ted learned to react positively when staff walked by his kennel. He began to wag his tail, roll over for belly rubs and give a face full of kisses. However, we noticed that he was bonding strongly to certain staff members and failed to make progress beyond those relationships. He was still wary of new people and after being at Dorchester Paws for over 4 months, we decided the best thing for him was a change in environment; transportation to Majestic Canine Rescue. 

In order to send Ted to the next step on his journey to a forever home, we had to pay for transportation for Ted and make a donation to the rescue, as a thank you for accepting him into their program.

While raising money for Ted, we couldn’t help but wonder what we could have accomplished with Ted with the right funding.

By raising money for behavior and training with our pets, we can work harder with our behavior cases and help teach them the lessons that we were able to teach Ted, hopefully in less time.
We can ensure that dogs that are accepted into programs like Ted and Majestic Canine Rescue don’t have to wait to begin learning and growing.


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