Community Support at Dorchester Paws

We are evolving our organization to better serve the community and the pets that reside in Dorchester County. The mission of Community Support Services is to keep animals from entering the shelter system by providing resources to the community, increasing return to home rates, increasing communication within the community and ultimately reducing the number of animals entering the shelter. 

The change in pet population over the last two years has significantly changed the animal welfare world; there are not enough homes for the amount of animals in shelters. So supporting the pet owners who can keep their pet is the more realistic alternative.

Nail Trims

On Sunday’s you can get your animal’s (Cat and Dogs) nail trims at our clinic. There is a $20 fee per pet. Please know this is a donation back to our shelter. Please also note that all animals will be muzzled for the safety of our staff.

To book an appointment, click here.

Need to Rehome Your Pet? 

Times are tough right now, we get it! Rehoming a pet can be very stressful for all parties and we are here to help the best that we can. Surrendering to the shelter should be the very last option- if there is something keeping you and your pet from staying together we want to help! Sometimes it is the only option to rehome or surrender, we understand that- so to best help you and your pet please fill out the application below so we can get as much information as possible. Once the application is submitted and documents are emailed, a staff member will review to plan your pets best pathway

If you are able to keep your pet for a little while longer but ultimately cannot keep them, try these rehoming sites: 

Dorchester Paws has stayed at capacity for months, in fact most shelters across the country are at or over capacity. We cannot take same day surrenders because we simply have no kennel space. It is imperative that you reach out to us so we can SCHEDULE your pet.

Dog Rehoming Application:

Cat Rehoming Application: 

Once the application is submitted AND pictures and medical are emailed, a staff member will email you back with the next steps.


If you need help finding pet friendly housing please reach out to us! If you know you are moving into a place that does not allow pets, reach out as soon as you know when you are moving- do not wait until it’s too late! When moving, ask the property manager for the breed restrictions beforehand.

Pet Food Pantry

Dorchester Paws has a donation based pantry for pet food that is open to anyone needing assistance within Dorchester County. Our supporters donate dog and cat food throughout the year for members of the public that need some help! 

If you are needing assistance with pet food, fill out the form below and a Community Support staff member will get back to you! We have memberships that last each family 6 months of picking up food once a month- after the 6 months if you still need help you will reapply. Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email with further instructions on when and where to pick up- so keep an eye on your email!

Community Cats/Trap-Neuter-Release

Have some cats hanging around? Cats are all around in the community and  can actually be beneficial. But, they need to be spayed/neutered! Dorchester Paws is committed to ending unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, feral cats by implementing TNR aka- Trap, Neuter, Release. This program involves members of the public to trap cats (we have traps for rent!) and bring them to us to be spayed/neutered- they are then picked up to be returned to where they came from! This program is based on appointments, cats CANNOT be dropped off without an appointment. 

If you are interested in getting the cats around you fixed, email us to find out more: 

We are here to help! If you have any questions or don’t know what or who to ask, send us an email at