Remember Me Thursday

September 28th, 2023

Remember Me Thursday is an annual event that the entire world shares the importance of pet adoption, and shines a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues.

Why take part in Remember Me Thursday?

Pet ownership is on the rise with more than 50% of households having at least one pet. Despite this, more than 6 million cats and dogs enter an animal shelter each year. While many pets find their forever homes, there are around 1 million dogs and cats that do not find homes and spend the final moments of their lives in the shelter.

Want to join us on Remember Me Thursday?

Join us on September 28th to share the importance of pet adoption, and honor the lives of the animals who aren’t with us today.

Shine a light on Remember Me Thursday by purchasing a lantern for your pet(s)! Lanterns are available for a donation. You choose the amount. Your lantern will be decorated with your pet’s name or in any name you choose, by the staff of Dorchester Paws.

We hope you will come walk around the pond to see your pet’s name, whether it be one you recently rescued, have had in your family for years, or one that has crossed the rainbow bridge, on a lantern.

Want to participate but can’t make the event?

These last few months have been hard for shelters of the Lowcountry, with most battling over capacity issues. Dorchester Paws currently has 398 animals in our care that are waiting for their forever homes. Show your support for them on Remember Me Thursday by purchasing a lantern.

For more information about Remember Me Thursday click HERE.

Lantern Purchase available August 1st, 2023.