Reviews from our Community:

“We initially fostered then later adopted our pit bull mix, Winter, from Dorchester Paws in 2020. I can’t say enough nice things about the team. Everyone we ran into during any step of this process was genuine and caring. DP is a wonderful place to find a pet to give a forever home to.”

“Great shelter! Clean and friendly staff/volunteers. Lots of pups and kittens waiting for new homes! #adoptdontshop”

“What a great place to find the next love in your life! Staff is amazing and helpful”

“I love Dorchester Paws. All my pups have come from them. Staff is friendly and welcoming to volunteers. You can pick your task. Clean, organize, take a dog on a much-needed walk, or just spend time playing with a dog or a puppy, and nothing beats puppy breath! Foster program is great. I’ve gotten to help a few dogs find their fur-ever homes.”

“Got my sweet kitty named Scotch from here! It was super easy to adopt! They gave us a voucher for his first vet visit to a few places. They gave us some medication he was taking at the time. He was neutered at this location. Dorchester told us he was 2 years old but the vet said he was actually 10-12 months HAHA but anyways very happy with our kitty”

“I have been volunteering at DP for over three years now, the staff cares about every single animal and they work with the facility they have—I wish more people would come volunteer, our community really needs it.”

“Dorchester Paws is great. The whole staff is wonderful and they truly care about their animals. I’ve adopted a dog and two kittens and I couldn’t be happier with the experience at Dorchester Paws. I also volunteer at the shelter and it is run very well and everyone there goes above and beyond to provide the best possible experience for the animals in their care.”

“The staff are friendly and quick to assist with checking out the cats and dogs. Although they seemed shorthanded, like most places, they seemed to run this fairly well. The animals were treated with kindness, and the pins were clean.”