Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Are you spending more time at home with your dog these days? One may wonder why dogs wag their tails. Well, when people see a dog wagging it’s tail, they most likely associate that with a happy dog. However, that is not always the case! Dogs tails can actually tell us a lot about  the dogs emotions.

Since dogs cannot speak to us they use their tails to communicate to us. This is the way they let us know how they are feeling!

Some of their tail movements is generally the same across all the breeds. Those movements are:

  • A tail lowered and between the legs could mean fear, anxiety or submission
  • A slow wag could mean feeling insecure about a situation
  • A tail held up higher than normal could mean that something caught their interest and he/she is alert
  • A tail wagging energetically from side to side, can be a friendly greeting (especially when it is paired with a few licks!)


They tail is a great indicators in their moods and emotions however it is important to also pay attention to their body language as well. One can almost compare a dogs tail to a personal smile. It can show emotion but might not mean what you think! Knowing these simple cues mentioned above can help you communicate with your pup better. Next time you’re hanging out with your dog, check out what their tail is doing!


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