Every Item Sold Here Supports the Dogs and Cats that Dorchester Paws Cares for Daily.

A new way to support Dorchester Paws is through buying and wearing merchandise that supports our shelter.

We’ve provided new and various ways to show your support of Dorchester Paws with everything from tee shirts to buttons and stickers in various colors, sizes and designs. When you purchase a product through our merchandise suppliers, a percentage of the purchase goes right back to helping another animal find their forever homes through Dorchester Paws.

Show Pride in Your Community Animal Shelter

At Dorchester Paws, we know that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help, support and generosity of our community. This way, you can wear your support!

We Love All Breeds

Show love for your specific dog with some breed-specific merchandise.

Limited Edition Campaign

Every so often, we do a limited edition merchandise campaign with proceeds going towards a specific Dorchester Paws cause. This edition, we’re focusing on our amazing foster heroes and the proceeds will benefit our Michael’s Healing Heart Fund, the medical fund that allows us to ensure that no animal has to wait to receive the medical treatment that they deserve.