Calling all Dorchester Paws supporters!

Here’s your chance to work out and log your miles for a great cause! Grab your pet or a loved one, and let’s get going!

In partnership with Miles for Meaning, Dorchester Paws is getting active this March and encouraging the community to log their miles to raise money and awareness for the animals that are in our care.

This is YOUR chance to make a difference by just walking, hiking, cycling, rolling, or running!

No matter where you are in the world, every mile logged from March 1-31 will get Dorchester Paws closer to winning a grand prize of $30,000! PLUS, any money you fundraise through this challenge, will go back to Dorchester Paws 100%!

Will you join us for this 31 day challenge? It’s completely free to join!

  • STEP 1: Download the Kilter app (iOS/Android) and create your account
  • STEP 2: Next, click the “Event” tab in the bottom left corner
  • STEP 3: Join the Dorchester Paws Team 3 by clicking the “Featured Event”, Miles for Meaning and search “Dorchester Paws” (We have had a great response and filled our capacity for the 1st & 2nd team so we opened team 3!)
  • STEP 4: Spread the word to others to join
  • STEP 5: Donate your hustle by logging (steps, runs, bike rides, hikes, rolling etc.) from March 1 – 31!

How you participate with this challenge:

There are three ways you can participate with this challenge. You can do one or all!
1. Log miles
  • By just walking around daily, hiking, cycling, rolling, or running you can earn miles
  • Make sure the Kilter app is connected to a device to log your miles 
  • Point structure
    • 1 mile (running, walking, hiking & rolling) = 100 points
    • 3 miles (cycling) = 100 points
    • Daily Total activities summarize your activity accumulated throughout the day and award you points based on your mileage.


2. Fundraise
  • Within the Kilter app, you will find a fundraiser section
  • If you would like to fundraise for logging your miles for March, 100% of what you raise, will be donated to Dorchester Paws (Kilter does not take a fee)
  • Kilter is awarding additional prizes to charities for those who fundraise!
3. Participate in the social media challenges by submitting a video on your social platform and tag #donateyourhustle @dorchesterpaws
  • Funniest Running Outfit between March 1-7, is entered to win Dorchester Paws $500
  • “What’s your why” video submission March 7-14, is entered to win Dorchester Paws $500
  • Furry Mileage Mate March 14-21, is entered to win Dorchester Paws $500
  • Most Scenic Mileage Outing 21-28, is entered to win Dorchester Paws $500

You can just log your daily steps without having to do any thing else (just make sure the app is opened).

How Dorchester Paws Wins Money

Miles for Meaning, has set grand prizes & mini challenges
  • Miles earned, help Dorchester Paws qualify for the grand prizes that Miles for Meaning has set up:
    • 1st place team with most miles = $30,000
    • 2nd – 5th place team with most miles = $1,000
    • 6th – 25th place team with most miles = $500
  • The mini challenges, Miles for Meaning has set are:
    • Highest Team Fundraising Total by March 7 wins DP $1,000
    • Team who raises $2,000 by March 15 is entered to win DP $500
    • Team who raises $4,000 by March 31 is entered to win DP $500
    • Highest Team Fundraising Total by March 31 wins DP $1,000

animal shelter

Best trails in Summerville

Sawmill Branch Trail

Rosebrock Live Oak Trail

Best hiking in South Carolina

Table Rock State Park- NW of Greenville

Jones Gap State Park- Marietta, SC

Congaree National Park- Near Columbia, SC

animal shelter

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